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Guido Bartels

Movement, Empowerment, Innovation

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Discover My Expertise in IT, Education, Coaching, and Karakour Nation

IT, Innovation, Education


I believe that gamification, an individual approach, and using innovative techniques are key to helping school students prepare for life and to instilling an empowered can-do attitude with healthy curiosity and a desire to grow. I want to develop innovative learning environments and aids that do just that. In particular, I aim to develop fun and adaptive digital learning aids and environments for math that spark curiosity.

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I want to use my natural ability with logical thinking and problem-solving to develop innovative and socially meaningful/impactful solutions. Think of developing robots like David from the movie "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" that helps people cope with emotional challenges and provide companionship.

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Karakour Nation

Parkour & Martial Arts Services


Unleash Your Potential and Become Your Strongest Self

Improve your confidence, fitness, functional movement, problem-solving skills, self-defence skills, and more while having fun with like-minded individuals and sessions for all ages, gender, abilities, and backgrounds.

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Designs that Stimulate Movement & Improve Well-Being

Bring the neighbourhood to life and stimulate movement and connection among all genders, ages, and abilities with innovative state-of-the-art parkour facilities, multi-functional public spaces, and furniture with long-term value.

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