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Guido Bartels

Movement, Empowerment, Innovation


Coaching  IT  Karakour Nation

About Guido Bartels

I am a parkour and martial arts enthusiast, coach, entrepreneur, and aspiring IT and AI professional with a passion for innovation and challenges.

Since I was a child, I love the physical and mental challenges and the freedom that parkour offers. I also enjoy problem solving, innovating, logical thinking, and coming up with new ideas. My experience at SHARE showed me the beauty of working with a team and empowering people.

My mission is to share my passion for parkour and martial arts with others, to empower people to achieve their personal goals, and to strengthen local communities. I want to create innovative and impactful solutions that improve the quality of life, enhance the human potential, and protect the environment.

My vision is to run a highly successful, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious parkour and martial arts company that changes people’s lives for the better. I also envision being a leading IT and AI professional who develops innovative and impactful solutions, such as human-like humanoids, intelligent tutoring systems, new transportation methods, and automation systems, that support a more sustainable, meaningful, and joyful life.