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Guido Bartels

Movement & Innovation

About Guido Bartels

I am a parkour and martial arts enthusiast, coach, and entrepreneur. I am also an aspiring IT and AI professional with a passion for innovation and challenges.

I have been passionate about parkour and martial arts since I was a child. I love the physical and mental challenges, the freedom of movement and expression, and the sense of community that these disciplines offer. My love for freedom is also reflected in enjoying cycling and my interest in classic American muscle cars. I am also fascinated by IT and AI, which offer me new ways to solve problems and create value. I believe in the values of independence, fairness, honesty, respect, and justice. My chosen family, personal well-being, and integrity, I value above all else.

What truly resonates with me is the concept of “chosen family.” In the Fast Saga, the characters form their own tight-knit family, bound by loyalty, trust, and shared experiences. Just like them, I value my chosen family above all else. They are the people who support me, inspire me, and make me feel at home. If you’d like to see this idea in action, check out this Fast Saga clip that captures the essence of chosen family.

My mission is to share my passion for parkour and martial arts with others, and to empower them to achieve their personal goals and strengthen local communities. I am dedicated to the authentic spread of parkour and martial arts, encouraging and motivating minorities in these disciplines to try them, and making these disciplines more accessible.

I offer personalised coaching, special projects, photography, and public space design that promote human well-being, social engagement, and activate communities. I am also developing Karakour, a unique and innovative fusion of parkour and martial arts that combines the best of both worlds.

My vision is to run a highly successful, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious parkour and martial arts company that changes people’s lives for the better. I am also pursuing my interest in IT and AI as I love driving innovation and facing new challenges.