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Guido Bartels

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In the past, I did a lot of volunteer work, including alongside my studies, for social purposes as I consider social well-being and the environment important. I want to use my skills to make a positive impact. However, as a result, my student debts have increased more than if I had chosen to focus on myself and perhaps taken on a part-time job instead. Additionally, for the volunteer work, I often used my own materials and gave things away for free, which had additional negative financial consequences.

Next to that, I often fell through the cracks, was left out when it came to various allowances, or was otherwise financially disadvantaged. For example, I belong to the 'pech generatie'1, a group of Dutch students who had to borrow in full under the 'leenstelsel', rather than receiving a grant ('basisbeurs') like the previous and subsequent generations. I was denied several other allowances like the energy surcharge due to my student status, too.

Furthermore, I had to deal with several other setbacks. For example, recently, the bicycle I use for volunteer work and my business got stolen by a charity in the name of the landlord 'by accident' from the locked residents bicycle sheet and they are unable or unwilling to give it back. They also refuse to compensate for the loss of income, work interruption and other costs it coursed. As it was stolen by 'accident', the local police refused to file a report and even stated that it would be salty for the new owner. Another recent setback is that the room where I stored the wood for building parkour equipment for Karakour Nation got flooded, destroying the entire prepared supply.

Currently, I am active with Foodsharing in Wageningen, starting a business, look for a traineeship, and aim to undertake various projects to improve the wellbeing of people through Karakour Nation such as low impact parkour for elderly, providing kids with a perspective and life skills to achieve their dreams, and developing innovative and connecting public spaces that stimulate movement among all demographics. Pursuing these goals can be challenging, and requires finance. Therefore, I will do the charity projects only if at least the costs are covered and the previously arisen adverse consequences are solved. I do remained committed to making a positive impact on the world around me.2

I would greatly appreciate any donation to mitigate the consequences and challenges that I have encountered as a result of my volunteer work, to support the realisation of new projects, or to start my business, Karakour Nation. Gifts, especially those mentioned on the Wish List, are greatly appreciated and valued, too as they help start Karakour Nation and realise social projects. Sharing is also appreciated. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for all.

Any donations can be transfered to:

T.n.v:  Guido Bartels
IBAN: NL20 ASNB 0267 3069 03
Bank: ASN bank

Any gifts can be send to:

Guido Bartels
Haarweg 27
6709PH Wageningen
The Netherlands

1 The 'pech generatie' refers to a group of Dutch students who faced financial difficulties due to being part of a loan system, rather than receiving a grant like the generation before them. The previous and subsequent generations received a 'basisbeurs,' which was not required to be paid back, but which did not cover all costs. In contrast, the 'pech generatie' had to borrow everything and did not receive this financial support.

2 Due to recent developments, I had to decide to refrain from any volunteer projects and focus on the business part of Karakour Nation. Design, coaching, and more are available as paid services only. As a volunteer, I'm only active with Foodsharing in Wageningen, still.