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Guido Bartels

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Seeking Support for a Fresh Start After Facing Financial and Personal Challenges

In the past, I did a lot of volunteer work, including alongside my studies, for social and environmental purposes as I wanted to make a positive impact. However, as a result, my student debts have increased more than if I had chosen a part-time job. Additionally, for the volunteer work, I often used my own materials.

During my study, I used up my savings and had to borrow in full as part of the 'pechgeneratie'1 while the students before and after me received an allowance (basisbeurs). I even had to sue my own father in order to receive the child allowance to which I am legally entitled. As a student, I was denied several other allowances like the energy surcharge, too.

Furthermore, I faced several other setbacks.

For example, in 2023, the bicycle I use for volunteer work and my business got stolen by a foundation from the locked resident’s bicycle shed. Already the next day, the foundation was unable to return the bicycle as they sold it on and the trader to whom they sold it didn't have it anymore, either. Both, the landlord who provided access to the bicycle sheet and the foundation who took the bicycle refused to compensate for the loss of income, work interruption, costs of an identical bicycle, and other costs. As it was stolen 'by accident', the police refused to file a report and even stated that it would be salty for the new owner.

Another example of a setback is that the room where I stored equipment for starting my own business and a social movement project / incentive was flooded. This destroyed most of the equipment. Borrowing out tools was rewarded with damaged and disappeared tools.

Currently, I work a job in a supermarket, study IT, and am looking for a IT traineeship to pay off the debt and for my basic needs such as rent and food. Working on starting my own parkour business, I had to put on hold and I have doubts if I will ever be able to realize my dream of my own parkour company where I empower others through parkour or to have a place of my own. I also refrained from most volunteer work in order to pay off my student depth and increase my chance of realizing my dream.

I would greatly appreciate any donation to mitigate the setbacks and allow for a fresh start.

Thank you for your consideration.

Any donations can be transfered to:

T.n.v:  Guido Bartels
IBAN: NL20 ASNB 0267 3069 03
Bank: ASN bank

Any gifts can be sent to:

Guido Bartels
Haarweg 27
6709PH Wageningen
The Netherlands

1 The 'pech generatie' refers to a group of Dutch students who faced financial difficulties due to being part of a loan system, rather than receiving a grant like the generation before them. The previous and subsequent generations received a 'basisbeurs,' which was not required to be paid back, but which did not cover all costs. In contrast, the 'pech generatie' had to borrow everything and did not receive this financial support.