Purple Batavus Cheyenne

After riding many different bicycles I got stuck with an old purple Batavus Cheyenne which I took over from a great friend. Now I am looking for a companion for this bike as well as original spare parts.


The SABA RCR 420 was my first radio-recorder. During the big snow chaos in 2005, it was our only connection with the outside world. Internet, telephone, television and electricity did not work. There are many more memories I have with this radio which makes it a special commemorative piece. Unfortunately, the tape deck has stopped working. Therefore, I am looking for a replacement tape deck or another SABA RCR 420.

Grundig S-VS-C80

The Grundig S-VS-C80 is not only the first video-recorder I held in my hands, it is also the one with which I was filmed as a child. It would be fun to film with it and watch back the old recordings.

Paladin Alarm Clock

This Paladin alarm clock is another commemorative piece. Even if you placed it a room further, it still woke you up and send you to the ceiling. After the alarm you were definitely awake, no matter what. Unfortunately, the clockwork no longer works and it was glued on by a clockmaker. This makes a repair extremely difficult, even if you get hold of the required replacement gear. That's why I'm looking for an identical Paladin alarm clock.


Unfortunately, one of the contacts on my RCX 1.0 from my Mindstorms 1.5 set has broken off, which means that I am unable to build or program any robots. I am now in search of either the relevant contact or a LEGO Mindstorms 1.0 brick that doesn't have a power jack. The brick itself does not need to function, as I only need the contact.