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Guido Bartels

Movement, Empowerment, Innovation


Coaching  IT  Karakour Nation


Parkour and Martial Arts

Parkour and Martial arts are more than just hobbies for me. It's a way of life. I've been practicing parkour already before the age of three and martial arts since the age of six. I love the freedom, moving through urban environments, and pushing my boundaries. To pas on my passion, support people in achieving their dreams, and to connect them, I started Karakour Nation, where I teach people of all ages and levels how to master the art of movement. I also offer design services to connect people, revive spaces, and stimulate movement and health.

Karakour Nation


As I enjoy problem solving and logical thinking, I have a natural affinity towards IT and AI. Since my school years, I have build and maintained several websites. I also competed in robot competitions. The rise of LLMs like chatGPT, my passion was reignited. I imagine that humanoids and other futuristic inventions are on the horizon. I would find it particularly exciting to drive innovation and develop innovative and interactive tools, such as the "CS50 Duck", that assist in learning and personal growth.

IT Expertise


I have a detective mindset, which means that I’m very curious, analytical, and persistent. When I encounter a mystery or problem, I have to find an answer. Whether it’s a natural phenomena, not working code, how to get from point A to B, or anything else, I enjoy using my logic and intuition to crack the code. If I can’t find the answer to something, I have to continue until I do. I don’t give up easily.


I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, which means that I have a vision, a drive, and a willingness to take risks. I like to create value, solve problems, and make a positive impact in the world. While I easily identify numerous business opportunities, my focus is on Karakour Nation, my parkour and martial arts venture. Alongside this, I actively seek out groundbreaking and innovative ideas that promise scalability and can redefine the industry. I value the autonomy and setting my own terms. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities and resources to bring these visions to fruition. I also enjoy learning from other entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts, and I’m always open to feedback and improvement.

Karakour Nation

Empowering & Inspiring

I love empowering and inspiring others in both my personal and professional life. Instead of telling people what to do, I believe in inspirring, coaching, and empowering — actively guiding people to discover their own paths. My approach is to foster an environment where individuals are empowered to pursue their goals and dreams. Witnessing personal growth and helping others thrive is deeply rewarding for me, whether it’s through my parkour business or any other venture. I am committed to encouraging and motivating people to puch their limits, confront their challenges, and celebrate their success and growth with them.


Mathematics & Physics

Fascinated by the natural world from a young age, I delved into mathematics and physics, creating educational websites early on. My passion led me to competitions and advanced studies, including nuclear physics during school years. Although my path veered towards environmental science and parkour coaching, my interest in the workings of the world remaind and the allure of beta sciences drew me back. Now, I want to combine coaching with these disciplines, develop innovative and adaptive learning tools to spark curiosity and inspire school students.

Witches' Calculator


I love learning new things and expanding my knowledge and skills. I am always curious and eager to learn, whether it's about how something works, how to coach better, or anything else. When I want to know something, I will use books, online courses, videos, podcasts, and articles to find the answers. I believe the best way to learn is by applying the knowledge in a personally interesting case. As I don’t like stagnation, I always seek new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. However, that doesn’t mean I have to work 40 hours a week on brain teasers. I also enjoy relaxed work and occasional challenges.