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Each wrong attempt will reduce your score by one point, while a correct answer will increase your score by one point. Not answering the question on time will also subtract one point from your score. So do your best to answer the questions correctly and on time.



Since the questions are generated directly on your device rather than on a server, there is no server-side verification of your answers. This means result tracking relies on the "honor system". Additionally, your score will be lost if you visit another page or refresh the page, as I do not currently store your progress in a database. The lack of drawing assignments and content from XML files and no server side logic means the assignments are less tailored, diverse, and flexible compared to an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS).

I am working to address these limitations in future updates and develop this into a full ITS while I also consider to contribute to an existing ITS such as bettermarks (NL, DE, ES, US, CH, AR, AT, MX, ZA), Carnegie Learning (US), or ALEKS (US).

In the meantime, feel free to play around with this free teaser, explore the mentioned ITS, the CS50 duck debugger, visit, or read up on some research.