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Helping People Grow

Whether it’s in parkour, math, IT, or life in general, I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and dreams with the right guidance and support.

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Ethos & Vision

Since 2011, when I joined SHARE, empowering people is the red thread of my life. I love to see the reactions when people get empowered and I believe in credit where credit is due.

I envision a world where everyone achieves their dreams and utilises their full potential, not held back by self doubt, skill gaps, or limiting believes. I also envision a world where people support each other. My vision is to empower people through parkour and innovative and digital learning aids and platforms. By developing innovative and digital learning aids, I aim to extend my reach beyond what I can achieve with personal coaching alone.

My vision of empowering and uplifting people extends beyond my professional coaching endeavours and into every interaction I have.