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Guido Bartels

Movement, Empowerment, Innovation

Karakour Nation IT

Join a Community

Foodsharing Wageningen

Share Food, Reduce Food Waste

Donate your surplus food, pick up food from others or stores, or join events and activities and meet new people


Train with Old-School Traceurs!

No competition, no one-upmanship. Good old training, having fun, and pushing boundaries. For all fitness levels and ages, no experience required.

Chuck Norris System

Find Buddies to Train!

No experience with the Chuck Norris System? Join Dunamis Karate!

Martial Arts

Exchange, Train, and Inspire!

Train together with people from different martial arts backgrounds. Exchange ideas, get inspired, or train in addition to regulair classes!


Craft, Create, Connect!

Interested in a group where you can exchange ideas and a place where you can work together wiith others?


Let's Repair Together!

Do you want to repair in company or with the guidence of a professional?

Find a Buddy

Meet Like-Minded People!

Looking to meet new people or find a buddy for your favourite activity? This is the group for you!