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Guido Bartels Cycling

Bicycle and Gadget Testing

Meet Guido Bartels

Since my childhood, I am a cycling fanatic. As a child, I loved racing through the forest with my Rabeneick Fancy from 1998 - searching the limit, always looking for new challenges, and earning the nickname “bicycle tester” as bikes and gadgets rarely lasted long. After about 10 years of abuse as a mountain bike and BMX, it started to show signs of wear.

Soon after I had moved to the Netherlands in 2010, Bas from The Biker’s Oasis inspired me to expend my reparation skills and encouraged me to repair bicycles of friends. They suggested that I consider offering bicycle repairs as a profession.

After destroying several bikes during daily use, I got my hands on a purple Batavus Cheyenne via a dear friend in 2013. I used it for daily commute and as a race bike. Soon, it became my favorite bike. It is still in great condition, ready to run, and has a high sentimental value.