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Guido Bartels

Movement, Empowerment, Innovation


Coaching  IT  Karakour Nation

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I am actively seeking a job in the fields of technology and innovation, with a particular interest in EdTech, AI, web development, and humanoids. I want to drive innovative with a social factor. For more information about my IT background and skills, visit my IT section and GitHub. The math section might be of interest, too.

I'm open to parkour related opportunities, too. For more information, please visit the coaching and Karakour Nation sections.

(For non-job inquires, please use the general contact form and this form for inquiring about the services from Karakour Nation. The form below is only intended for job offers.)

If the inquiry concerns a location dependent job (ranch work, photoshoot at home etc.), please include the location.

The provided information will only be used to reply to the job offer or traineeship vacancy.