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Guido Bartels IT

AI, Robotics, and Web Development

Eager to grow, help you achieve your goals, and shape the future of technology!

IT Expertise and Experience

After exploring several fields in a quest to find my passion and a career with an opportunity to grow, I found my passion in AI, robotics, web development, related fields, and running Karakour Nation. With a strong motivation, a constant aspiration for pioneering innovation, eagerness to grow and learn, and a love for challenges, I have decided to use my aptitude for logical thinking and problem solving, and pursue a career in IT.

I have built and programmed robots using LEGO's Robolab during school years and our group won at NRW state level in Germany, I gave tutoring to classmates in Delphi, learned R and data analysis at Wageningen University, followed a few other courses related to IT, attended the MicroBachelor Computer Science Fundamentals at NYUx via edX, and are now studying CS50 courses offered by Harvard University via edX. I also build websites using TYPO3 (for example, and and maintained WordPress websites.

Now, I am seeking opportunities with forward-thinking and dynamic IT firms to contribute to the realisation of cutting-edge technological advancements. I am excited about engaging in diverse roles involving programming, project planning, and consulting functions. I look forward to collaborating with a variety of clients, leveraging my skills to drive their businesses toward success and innovation.

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Project planning:

Programming Languages:

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Experience with chatGPT, Dall-E, etc.
  • Eager to learn and develop applications using AI tools and frameworks
  • Pursuing the Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (CS50x & CS50AI) at Harvard University via edX
    • Covering: Graph search algorithms, adversarial search, knowledge representation, logical inference, probability theory, Bayesian networks, Markov models, constraint satisfaction, machine learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, natural language processing

Web Development:


Data Management:

DevOps and Deployment Skills:

  • Git: Pursuing the Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Web Programming (CS50x & CS50W) at Harvard University via edX
  • Docker: Basic knowledge of setting up local websites with docker containers and images
  • SSH: Basic knowledge of deploying websites via SSH and accessing remote servers
  • SFTP: Basic knowledge of transferring files securely between local and remote systems

          General IT skills:

          Ongoing Learning & Future Plans:

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