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Guido Bartels IT

Driving Innovation with a Social Impact

IT Expertise and Experience

I am skilled and experienced in various fields, such as AI, web development, data analysis, and cybersecurity. I am committed to continues learning. My passion for education, coaching and innovation drives me to tackle challenging and meaningful projects. Currently, I am seeking opportunities with dynamic IT companies that prioritises social impact.

I want to contribute to the realisation of innovative and adaptive learning aids and cutting-edge technological advancements with a social impact. I want to empower individuals, foster personal growth, and enhance coaching and education.

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Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, R, SQL, C, Delphi
Planning & Management: Project planning using Visio
Data Analysis: Data visualisation and analysis techniques
Tools: Git, Docker, VS Code
Cybersecurity: Understanding of security principles
Database Management: SQL database management
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows

Web Development

  • Web Fundamentals: JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, SQL
  • Backend Frameworks: Flask, Django (learning)
  • Content Management Systems: TYPO3, WordPress
  • Web Tools: FTP, SFTP, SSH
  • Web Application Development: API development

Artificial Intelligence


  • Core AI Concepts: Graph search algorithms, adversarial search, representation, logical inference, probability theory
  • Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript
  • Machine Learning: Bayesian networks, Markov models, constraint satisfaction, reinforcement learning
  • Advanced AI: Neural networks, natural language processing, machine translation, mathematical optimization
  • AI Applications: Intelligent systems, handwriting recognition, chatbot development
  • AI Development: Model training, application development for AI integration, integrating AI into existing systems


    Course Description  Progress

    Working on the final project while expending the functionality of my TYPO3 website.

    Course Description  Progress

    The final project is the last thing left to do.

    Program Description

    Basics of Computing and Programming at NYUx

    Course Description  Certificate

    Computer Hardware and Operating Systems at NYUx

    Course Description  Certificate  (No final exam because of corona)

    Introduction to Networking at NYUx

    Course Description  Certificate  (No final exam because of corona)

    Specialization:Environmental policy and economics
    Thesis:What determines the becoming of city environments – A case study about the requirements on Parkour spots



    After speaking Dutch since 2010, it feels like my first language.

    Exam subjects: Chemistry, Mathematics, German, Philosophy




    Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Web Programming (CS50x & CS50W) at HarvardX via edX

    • HTML, CSS
    • Python, SQL, JavaScript
    • Interfaces, Testing, CI/CD, Scalability and Security
    • Git version control & Github
    • React.js, Application Programming Interface (API), Application Deployment, Web Development, Database Design, Django (Web Framework), Cloud Services, Cloud Computing
    • Models, and Migration

    Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (CS50x & CS50AI) at HarvardX via edX

    • Graph search algorithms, adversarial search,
    • knowledge representation,
    • logical inference,
    • probability theory,
    • Bayesian networks,
    • Markov models,
    • constraint satisfaction,
    • machine learning, reinforcement learning,
    • neural networks,
    • natural language processing
    • Machine Translation, Mathematical Optimization, Intelligent Systems, Handwriting Recognition
    • Python

    Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Python Programming (CS50xCS50P) at HarvardX via edX

    • C, SQL, Python, JavaScript
    • Web Development, Personal Computers, Web Browsers, Data Science, Unit Testing, Regular Expressions, Computer Science, Debugging

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