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Generative AI in Computer Science Education

Rongxin Liu, Carter Zenke, Charlie Liu, Andrew Holmes, Patrick Thornton, David J. Malan
Harvard University

In Summer 2023, the CS50 team at Harvard University integrated AI-based tools into its classes, providing students with a "personal tutor" to guide them. This paper details how AI augmented teaching and learning in CS50, including code explanation, style improvement, and forum support.

Feedback Sources in Essay Writing

Seyyed Kazem Banihashem, Nafiseh Taghizadeh Kerman, Omid Noroozi, Jewoong Moon, Hendrik Drachsler
Wageningen University

This study compared the quality of peer feedback and ChatGPT-generated feedback for argumentative essay writing. The findings suggest a potential complementary role for ChatGPT and students in the feedback process, with implications for the use of AI in complex educational tasks.

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(NL, DE, ES, US, CH, AR, AT, MX, ZA)
Target Audience: K-12 students and teachers
An adaptive learning platform for math, available in several countries.

Carnegie Learning

Target Audience: K-12 and higher education students and teachers
An educational technology company that provides math curricula and adaptive learning software, primarily in the US.


Target Audience: K-12 and higher education students and teachers
An artificial intelligence-based assessment and learning system for math, science, and other subjects, used in the US.

CS50 Duck Debugger

Target Audience: Computer science students and educators
A tool developed as part of the CS50 computer science course at Harvard University, which leverages AI to assist students with coding and debugging.

AI tutor Kim

Target Audience: K-12 students and teachers
A German website that discusses the "Kim" AI tutor, an adaptive learning system developed by the company.

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