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Guido Bartels

Movement & Innovation


Unleash your potential and become your strongest self

Improve your confidence, fitness, functional movement, problem-solving skills, defensibility, and more while having fun with the supportive community of like-minded individuals and diverse coaching sessions, regardless of age, gender, or background.

Discover your potential and enhance physical and mental strength, and daily life skills. Learn to protect yourself and others. Increase your focus, creativity, and mental clarity. Build character and values like honesty, respect, courage, discipline, kindness, and integrity, while improving teamwork and social skills. Be empowered and skilled to handle difficult situations and any obstacle; achieve your dreams!

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Design Services

Designs that stimulate movement & improve well-being

Karakour Nation develops innovative state-of-the-art parkour facilities, multi-functional public spaces, and furniture with long-term value that enhances well-being, stimulates movement, and connects people.

Beyond design and installation, Karakour Nation offers supervision, consulting, project management, educational events, and workshops that reawaken undervalued spaces, engage the community, and enable them to take part in the development of their new space for all kinds of clients while partnering with local suppliers and street artists.

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Photo and Videography

Beautiful, Energetic, Personal

I capture the beauty, energy, behind-the-scenes struggles, triumphs, excitement, personal stories, and progress in a stunning and engaging way through high-quality photographs and videos with my inside knowledge and experience in photo and videography.

I offer complete packages for documentaries, athletes, parkour gyms, dojos, commercials, and individuals looking to capture their own unique story. For example, I offer a package including business portraits of the school staff. You can turn to me for stock photos and contact me for other subject, too.