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Projects and Side Hustles

With a strong drive to make a positive impact and take on interesting challenges, I have developed various projects and side hustles alongside my regular work. These not only demonstrate my entrepreneurial spirit and versatility but also my ability to identify opportunities, establish new ventures, and persevere.

Photography Side Hustle

As a creative individual with an eye for detail, I have a side hustle as parkour and portrait photographer, focusing on:

  • Photography with an eye on capturing personal stories, emotions, and milestones.
  • Parkour and martial arts portraits
  • Creation of show-reels


Bicycle-Related Activities (Discontinued)

Driven by my love for cycling and an active lifestyle, I started building cycling-related side hustles, but I am about to discontinue them to focus more on my core activities. The services included:

  • Product reviews of bicycles and accessories.
  • Guided bicycle repair workshops.
  • Rental of customised and branded bicycle trailers for private individuals and businesses.


Horsemanship & Ranch Services (2018-2022)

With my affinity for horses and ranching, I explored the possibilities of offering horsemanship training and advice to horse owners, as well as working as a ranch hand. Ultimately, the mentality in the equestrian sector and the path of agricultural services were not the best fit for me. Nevertheless, these explorations provided valuable insights into where my true passions and strengths lie.

Social & Environmental Initiatives

My mission with Karakour Nation is to empower people to achieve their goals, and to create public spaces that promote well-being, encourage movement, and connect individuals from diverse backgrounds and ages. As an innovative developer, I aim to make a positive impact by leveraging technology to create solutions that address societal and environmental challenges. In addition, I support this mission in various other ways: